Big Sky Timber Sports

Axe Throw

Description and AWFC Rules:

The object of the contest is to throw a double-edged axe at a stationary target for accuracy. The target is a cross section of a log at least 28 inches in diameter (36 inches is preferred to allow for full 1-5 point scoring) that stands 60 inches from the center of the bull's eye to the ground. The bull's eye and adjacent rings are 4 inches in width. Each contestant must use an axe with a handle length of at least 24 inches. The axe head must be double bitted and weigh at least 1 3/4 pounds with the blade face not exceeding 6 inches. The axe must be pinned with a metal pin going through the head and the handle. An axe sheath is recommended while the axe is being carried to and from the throwing area. The axe is thrown from behind a marked line, 20 feet from the face of the target. A contestant can step on but not over the marked line. If he/she does step over the line before the axe hits the target, the throw is disqualified. A disqualified throw is assigned a score of zero. A disqualified throw cannot be re-thrown. Each contestant takes three (3) throws that count towards the official score. Up to two practice throws will be allowed if the contestant chooses. If the contestant throws without saying anything, the throw will be counted as official. The contestant must specify before the throw whether or not it is a practice throw. A practice throw will not be scored as an official throw regardless of the result.

SCORING: The smallest circle in the center (bull's eye) is scored as five (5) points. The outer four rings are scored 4,3,2, and 1 from the inside out. The axe must stick and remain in the target until scored by the judge in order to receive a score. Only the leading edge of the throwing axe may score points. Throws where the trailing edge sticks will be counted as a zero (0). If both edges stick (rabbit ears), the throw will be counted as zero (0). An axe bisecting a line is awarded the highest point value of the two rings crossed. In the event of ties, a throw-off will occur on the last day of the competition for contestants who have a chance at first through sixth place. The contestants will have up to two (2) practice throws and three (3) scored throws. If a tie still exists, a sudden-death throw-off will occur to determine the winner (one throw each until one contestant scores higher than the other). There will be separate contests for men and women. The host school may present an overall axe throw award for men and women combined if they so desire, however, no individual or team points will be given for this additional award. Amendment as of 1996: To determine the score, the judge will back the axe out of the target as to observe which ring was cut with the axe head. The axe throw will consist of preliminary and final rounds. In the event of ties in the preliminary round, a throw-off will occur to determine the top 6 places. In the finals round, the 6 competitors will then compete for places 1st through 6th which will be determined by their score in the finals round.