Big Sky Timber Sports


Description and AWFC Rules:

The object of this event is to balance on a floating log longer than one's competitor. It is recommended that the log be twelve (12) feet in length and of turned cedar. The log should be 14-15 inches in diameter. The log will have a six (6) inch warning band painted around the center of the log. Contestants may step on but not over the warning band. A six (6) inch warning band should also be painted on each end of the log. This is a double elimination bracketed event, therefore, contestant byes may occur in preliminary brackets. Contestants grasp pike poles after getting on the log and are pushed from the platform. A judge will caution the contestants with, "Steady the Log". When the judge is certain that both contestants have equal control, the judge will say, "Throw Your Poles", follow by, "Time In", and then the contest begins. Two out of three falls will decide the match. A contestant will lose a fall if at any time he or she steps over the center line or comes in contact with the other competitor. The judge may stop the contest if it is ruled that the log is too close to the platform, dock, or shore of a pond. If a contestant cannot steady the log and is first to fall off five (5) times before "Time In" is called by the judge, that contestant will be disqualified from the event. A fall is constituted when: a). the first contestant to lose control of the log with both feet and subsequently falls into the water. Jumping up to prolong hitting the water, straddling, sitting, falling to both shins, and laying across the log are considered out of control of the log with both feet. b). the first contestant to trespass beyond the warning bands. A draw will be called if the judge cannot see a specific and noticeable difference in the contestants' falls when both fall at about the same time. A judge must make an instant decision. No discussion of the fall will take place between the judges except to the response as to who won or lost the fall or if the fall was a draw. If there is the slightest doubt in the mind of the judge as to who won or lost the fall, it should be ruled a draw. The decision from all judges must be unanimous or the fall will be ruled a draw. No wetsuits are permitted, some type of footwear must be worn.

Amendment as of 2007: Wet suits will not be allowed (for men or women). Life vests will still be allowed for both men and women. Amendment as of 2013: e. If they desire, the host school will be allowed to use a modified double elimination bracket in order complete the birling in a timely manner. The modified version will be as follows:

  • Each school will identify their best female and male competitor.
  • These competitors will then be set up in the first round bracketing so that they will not be competing again each other (for just the first round).
  • The first round will be a single elimination round (if you lose, you are done).
  • After the first round, it will then go to a double elimination bracket.