Big Sky Timber Sports

Caber Toss

Description and AWFC Rules:

The object of the event is to toss a six (6) to eight (8) foot long caber end over end. The end around which the hands are placed to throw the caber is used to score the event. The distance to this end is measured. A contestant may take a running start and can step on but not over the foul line. The distance is measured from the center of the foul line. High topped laced boots are required for this event. The women's caber is approximately 3/4ths THE WEIGHT of the men's caber. Each contestant will be allowed three throws and the single longest throw will be used for scoring. Amendment as of 1996: The contestant cannot cross the line and touch the ground with any part of their body, until the caber itself is released from his/her hands and touches the ground.