Big Sky Timber Sports

Double Buck

Description and AWFC Rules:

The object of the contest is for two (2) people to saw through a log in the fastest time possible. The bottom of the log is set at least twelve (12) inches off the ground. Contestants may use only conventional 2-peg or 4-peg and raker crosscut saws. No m-tooth or modified saws may be used. A starting cut, measured by the judge is allowed. This is done with the contestant's saw before the start of the event. Each team is allowed a "second" or manager to oil their saw and place a wedge in the cut. The "second" may not touch the saw at any time after the cut is started. Time ends when the cookie touches the ground. The area below the log will be cleared of all wood before each competition. If the cookie breaks off leaving a piece greater than 1/2 inch attached to the log, the cut must be completed. If the contestants cut out, the cut is disqualified. The team with fastest time is declared the winner. In the event of a tie between teams and wood permitting, these teams will be rematched. The team with the fastest rematch time is declared the winner. sawing logs will be from fifteen (15) to twenty-six (26) inches in diameter. With regard to knots, no cut will be made more than three (3) inches from the end of the log with the judge's consent.