Big Sky Timber Sports

Pole Climb

Description and AWFC Rules:

The object of this event is to climb up a pole, one way, in the fastest time possible. Men climb to a height of fifty (50) feet and women climb to a height of thirty (30) feet. Contestants must provide their own climbing spurs, rope and harness. The rope must have a steel core. The contestant must wear a long sleeved shirt, long pants (below the knee), and gloves. The rigging cannot contain hooks of any kind (snap hook, carabineer, etc.). The climbing rope must be secured with an approved climbing knot (i.e. cat's-paw) securing the loose end of the rope to a spliced eye in the other end of the rope. Any type of climbing belt may be used as long as the rope is secured to the belt with some form of metal support such as D-rings. Contestants must be able to tie their own knot and the knot must be checked by the judge before the climb begins. Climbers must have boots with a heel that is deemed safe for use with climbing spurs. The judges will have the final say on the safeness of the equipment. The contestant must start with one foot below the starting line on the pole. This foot can be on the pad or set in the pole below the line. Time stops when the rope crosses the line for women and when the rope crosses the line or rings a bell for men. Contestants will get two (2) climbs and the single fastest time will be used for scoring. Contestants will climb both poles once on different days. Only standard climbing spurs will be allowed. The only modification allowed is adjustment to the gaff such as bending. Toe spurs are not allowed.