Big Sky Timber Sports

Power Saw

Description and AWFC Rules:

Contestants are required to wear safety gear consisting of long pants, safety chaps, closed toed shoes, hearing protection, and eye protection. Safety chaps, hearing and eye protection will be provided. The event will consist of making two matching cuts, one down and one up. Each cut will be approximately half way through the log. The cuts must line up enough to make the cookie drop. For each 1/4 inch that the cuts do not line up, one second will be added to the time. The saw will be running while it is sitting on the ground with the chain brake disengaged. The contestant's hands will be positioned flat on the top of the log. Time starts at the judge's signal and stops when the cookie hits the ground. The area below the log will be cleared of all wood before each competition. If the contestant hits the ground with the chain or abuses the saw in any way, he or she will be disqualified. At least two identical power heads as well as at least 4 identical chains, will be provided by the host school and the choice of saws will be by the draw. The chain may not be sharpened or modified in any way throughout the contest. A broken chain will be replaced by the host school so that other school contestants can still compete. If the contestant hits the ground with the chain, he or she will be disqualified. Mechanical failure of the saw (as determined by the judge) will result in the contestant being given a second attempt, but operator error or abuse of the saw, (as determined by the judge) may result in a disqualification. The maximum log diameter will be 40 inches. All listed safety equipment is required.