Big Sky Timber Sports

Pulp Toss

Description and AWFC Rules:

The object of this event is to throw four pulpwood sticks four feet in length between two sets of stakes set twenty (20) feet apart. The stakes in each set will be located four (4) feet apart. The first team member throws all four sticks of pulp, one at a time, to the second team member without crossing the foul line between their set of stakes. After all four have been thrown, the other team member throws them back. A ten (10) second penalty will be added for touching a moving pulp stick. A point is earned when a stick of pulp lands and stays between the stakes. A bonus point is awarded if all four sticks stay in the scoring position. The pulp stick must break the plane between the two stakes to be counted. If a pulp stick is knocked out of the scoring area by another stick, the first point is deducted. If a contestant crosses the foul line, no point is scored. Time stops when thirty (30) twenty one (21) points are scored by a team (amended to 21 points in 2013). The judges will call out the current point total every time a point is added or subtracted. Teams are composed of a man and a woman.